Saturday, February 18, 2006

Addicted to Chop

Yet another chopper, casually displayed by Karlito on the day I brought out my camera at the Asia (it happens to have its front fork primed for that night). the red bike in back was pre-poppachop.

China Trike

After we acquired a shipment of cheap china frames wrapped in rattan, I put together this trike and slapped Rob's metal tray to the front for which he got really pissed off. This bike saw plenty of action until someone walked up! the front bar and bent it. At one point, it had some coaster wheels slapped to the back so that a rolling pop chop trike was instigated. (me with the shiny head again). Notice the support bar just above the cranks.

Shankar's Chopper

I think this was Shankar's one and only bike because he spent weeks trying to figure it out, drawing plans, consulting with me, and ultimately cutting a classic frame and incorporating the much-celebrated back rest as the cherry on top. the front fork was created (i think) before our time by the older guys. Notice the dark red pizza warmers in the background that I saved from imminent destruction! Fuck this bike was heavy duty and had the most solid chain I ever seen.

Red Blue Tall

First tall bike I did, utilizing an impressive array of hose clamp straps and the smallest best wheel ever on the front. (Originally dubbed the "Boltergeist" due to the plans to use bolts to hold it together). It actually held itself up with gravity before I added the straps! Long-lived and Far-ridden, it saw action at RennFayre at least thrice including various jousting competitions around P-town. Chosen by Krack out of a line-up once, it had a really comfy seat and a nice view. I still have the centurion (in the foreground).

Long Chop

The first bike I constructed that used more than 2.5 frames and 2.5 chains. Believe me it was a bitch to get up and down the basement at the Fridge. I rode this to Critical Mass about a half-dozen times, and rewelded the front pipe more than twice due to the insane pitch. Probably one of my favorite builds of all time due to the final length and prized back coaster wheel, not to mention the lack of bearings in the head tube and the bananarama. Could it still be in the basement?

Orange Crotch Chop

Annie poses with it on 37th, before the final push to paint and chain it up. The seat eventually disappeared in favor of a pillow and some duct tape. A great ride when your front fork is on fire. Toasty crotch if you know what I mean.

Modelo Especial

drinking mexican beer and thinking had the effect of creating a bike such as the modelo - me with the chrome dome in front of that Asian factory of lore.

Poppa Chop

Joe and I, again at the Asia factory - the poppachop's maiden voyage before being attracted to the tree across the street. They don't make 'em (or ride them) like they used to, thats fer shure... Rob helped with procurement and arc-ing of the thick bar.

Fortress Defense

this shite was off the hook .

Everyone loves a happy ending !

Sam and 2ToneDan live it up on a trip to Washington and a sidetrip to the beach. (where I ran over some driftwood, somehow disconnecting a transmission line - temporarily relinquishing us to only first gear as the tide quickly approached). Taken from inside the now-classic Annie-van.

Belly Bike

Yes, this machine may have been concieved on the couch that the cushion came from - Asia Haus (503-788-ASIA go ahead try it). Surprisingly comfortable with a belly full of a Pabst 40 oz! Mainly Joe Weinmans's project (pictured riding), I provided the power-cells, testing and security of the prototype... Later, Johnny took it to Critical Mass to the amazement of vertically-riding cyclists everywhere.

Tower of Anti-Power

This was the tallest structure we ever built. Loosely based on Mayan temples, we sacrificed the virgin cat wheels on the top. the owl(s?) made a brief appearance amidst a name-taking CSO! and falling debris. (Abe's friend Alex rides my poppatrike)


Yes we terrorized campus with the beast. They sabotaged it by pulling the distributor cap and lines during the war. Luckily NAPA was up the street and we needed more beer too. We rocked this shit until we ran out of gas, and then they kindly took it away from us. (Scotty D is using the tig)

OK here we go, WTO.

WTO as seen from behind my super-wide terra-glide (now extinct).